Surviving a winter move!

When cold, snow and icy conditions arrive, it presents a whole new set of obstacles when you have to move.

A few things you may want to keep in mind to make the move a little easier, incur less damage and keep the move bit more comfortable:

1) Plants and other sensitive items can get damaged by the temperature change. Be extra careful and carry these items inside your vehicle or in a plastic bag and an insulated box!

2) Shovel the walks at both the sending and receiving properties, and have Safety salt or sand close at hand to keep the footing safe.

3)   Wear appropriate footwear, like winter boots with grip soles!

4) Have a ‘spotter’ watching for hazards, to help those who are doing the heavy lifting. Those who can’t (or won’t) lift will love this job!

5) Look at the weather forecast, in Edmonton we usually know if a storm is on the way many days in advance. Knowledge is power!

6) Pack blankets and warm clothing separately and keep them handy.

7) Make sure you have arranged for the heat and electricity to be hooked up at the new place!

8) If you are doing this yourself, serve your movers Hot Rum Toddies after the move, not during. it will prevent hyperthermia and property damage!

Moving in winter is not ideal, but if you have to do it, be organized and think ahead. It can make a big difference.

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